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COME OUT AND PLAY Blu-ray Review

Who can kill a child?

Makinov’s Come Out and Play posits this question and answers it about halfway through. Who can kill a child? People on the brink of desperation and trying to save their own skin. Come Out and Play follows a young couple on a vacation in South America. In search of a secluded vacation for him and his very pregnant wife, they go off to a secluded island known for their carnival. They arrive to find kids playing in the street but not a single adult in sight.

The tension builds as they continue to explore the town and only come across creepy children. Finally they see an old man and then he gets beaten with his own cane and then stoned to death. This island is not well and it just continues to get worse as the movie progresses. The slower moments in the film all build towards the truly shocking, graphic scenes like the children playing with entrails. The slow build makes these all the more shocking and turns what could have been a hokey B-movie in to an upsetting horror film. Who can kill a child? Well, who can sit by and just watch these murderous children? The terror just gets worse and worse, right up until the end. This film will stick with you long after viewing.

Come Out and Play Blu-Ray

Special Features:

  • Trailer
  • Making of featurette
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • EPK

Come Out and Play is available on DVD/Blu-Ray now. 

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