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Shut the garage door, it’s time for a punch in the mouth.

Breaking Bad is coming to an end.

I know, I know, we’re all fighting back tears, but here at Screen Invasion, we’re committed to paying tribute to Saul Goodman, Magnets, Walter White Jr’s breakfast, the dearly departed Chicken Man, Machete the Turtle, and the New Adventures of Old Skinny Pete and New Badger, breaking down every episode of Breaking Bad’s final 8 episodes with crystal clarity and a little bit of humor.

Joining me in this endeavor will be a colorful collection of guests who will deliver their expert opinions on where the show is going as it nears its end and what it all means.

On this week’s episode, my BastardCast chum of chums, Jeremy R! Hudson is coming to us live from the dessert where he is sitting in his underwear, ready to cook up some thoughts about “Blood Money”, the mid-season premiere and the 9th episode of this 5th and final season.

Together, Jeremy and I will dissect the Ozymandias prophecy, the Heisenberg-y writing on the wall, Carol’s broken eggs, Jesse’s broken spirit, and Hank and Walt’s rumble in the once happy home of Schraderbräu.

Does this sound like something you want to hear? Then ring the bell once and press play, bitch!

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