Updated: Bradley Cooper to Voice Rocket Raccoon in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

UPDATE: THR has confirmed that Bradley Cooper is in early talks be the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fresh of the heels of Vin Diesel’s announcement as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, now the rumors are flying for who’s going to voice the other CGI character – Rocket Raccoon. Yeah, this guy:

Rocket Raccoon - Bradley Cooper


Latino-Review continued their scoop streak by breaking the news today that Bradley Cooper has been offered the voice acting role by director James Gunn. 

Bradley Cooper could be joining Chris Pratt as Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, and Vin Diesel as Groot. John C. ReillyGlenn CloseKaren GillanMichael RookerOphelia Lovibond,Djimon HounsouLee Pace, and Benicio Del Toro are also set to star.


Personally, I think voice acting roles like this might be better suited for voice actors rather than dramatic actors like Bradley Cooper. They get the press’s attention, but in the end voice actors are just more skilled at conveying subtle nuances with just the timbre and pitch of their voices. Dramatic actors are just used to using the full body, face, package to get these things across which doesn’t always translate to animation/CGI characters.

Do you think Bradley Cooper could be a good Rocket Raccoon?

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