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10 Next-Gen Video Games We Can’t Wait to Play

We’ve seen a number of major, highlight developments in the gaming industry in the past few years – chief among them the development of app gaming, the expansion of online gambling, and of course the continued release of console games.

In mobile devices, app gaming has become the gold standard of entertainment. From Plants vs. Zombies, to the latest game “with friends,” to Fruit Ninja and Minecraft, there are hundreds of incredibly addictive options. In online gambling, there are now numerous dynamic arcades allowing real money gambling for a range of games – at the BetFair Exchange, for example, you’ll find just about any game you could possibly want to gamble on. And in console gaming consistency has never let up, with reliable franchise sequels coming out every few months for the gaming systems we love.

next-gen video games

So, in short, there’s really been nothing to get bored over! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason to be even more excited for the short-term future of gaming, as brand new consoles are about to bring us some of the most spectacular video games we’ve ever seen. From sequels and franchises, to console adaptations of apps and online games, to brand new ideas, the PS4 and Xbox One will be packed with incredible experiences. Here’s a look at 10 next-gen video games we can’t wait for.

next-gen video games dead rising 3

Dead Rising 3

This popular zombie war series should be huge on the new consoles. The trailer looks quite dark, so the hope is that the game maintains its trademark lightness, but it sure looks like an experience.


Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy retains a massive following, and the first experience on new consoles should be a significant event.


FIFA Soccer 14

Gameplay is improved, teammates are more intelligent, and above all else, it’s a World Cup year! That makes this the hottest sports game for the new consoles.


Mad Max

From Avalanche Studios, this franchise shouldn’t disappoint with this latest adaptation.



It looks like a Call of Duty adaptation, with a bit more future and a bit more “mech” inclusion – and that sounds like nothing short of a blast!


Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Speaking of CoD, “Ghosts” looks like a great new addition to the wildly popular franchise. Of course, new multiplayer should be a hit right off the bat.

Minecraft Temple


This app seems to be taking over the world, so it seems only logical that the console version ought to be incredibly addictive.


The Order: 1886

This exclusive game for PS4 is a historical fiction adventure/shooter that looks like a great deal of fun for gamers who like campaign mode.


Battlefield 4

Having emerged as the main shooter competitor to CoD, Battlefield 4 should be a major event as well.


Halo For Xbox One

We know very little about this Xbox exclusive, and it won’t be out until 2014 – but we all know it’s the game Xbox fans will be waiting for.



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