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In a recent interview with Charlie Day and Rob Mcelhenney at Comic Con, Charlie said that he thought Season 8 was the best season if It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, there were a few standout episodes that would definitely be contenders for a future Top 10 Sunny episodes post (hint hint).  Check out review of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8!

For the most part, the DVD just has your standard extra features. There are deleted scenes, a gag reel that is great, and commentary on a few episodes. My main beef with the DVD comes from these commentaries though. The first disc is great because there is commentary from the three main guys on the first three episodes. However, the second disc only has one episode commentary, Charlie’s Mom has Cancer, which just so happens to be my least favorite episode of the season. I’m not quite sure why they would have three commentaries on the first disc, and only one on the second, let alone the fact that they picked Charlie’s Mom has Cancer of all episodes.

Perhaps what’s most confusing about this selection is the fact that the DVD menu uses the game played in “Charlie Rules the World”, which was easily one of my favorite episodes. Because of this, I only assumed that there would be commentary on that one, so you can imagine my disappointment when I saw that there was no commentary on that one. I’m not quite sure why they would chose this specific episode and not provide any more footage of it save for one deleted scene.

There are a few other funny additions on the second disc. There’s a pilot for Lady House: The Lost Premiere. This bit is the pilot episode of what would be a spin off show starring Mac and Charlie’s moms, and while I like them as ancillary characters, they certainly aren’t strong enough to carry an episode themselves. There’s also a funny bit: Frank Reynolds How to be a Warthog, and a Fat Mac in Memoriam piece that looks back on Mac and his bigger days of Season 7. It still blows my mine that he was able to gain and lost 60 pounds so quickly.

As a quick bonus, check out these hilarious “toxicology reports” on Charlie and Rob. All of the things items in Charlie’s body cracks me up because it brings me back to so many classic episodes, but I’m not quite sure why Mac has glue in his system. Are you going to get Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8?





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