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HOMELAND “Game On” Episode Recap

This week’s episode of Homeland titled Game On answered a few of our questions.  First and foremost, who is this shadowy group that is so keen on meeting face to face with Carrie?  Also, why is Saul doing this horrible thing to a woman who he loves like a daughter?  Well, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The episode kicks off with Carrie preparing for her latest hearing to determine if she’s fit for release from the psych facility where she is being held.  As soon as her and her lawyer settle in to the room, the judge tells them that Carrie cannot be released because the CIA has labeled her a “threat to national security”.  This obviously upsets Carrie, and she uses her lawyer’s phone to call her father and tell him to contact Saul and tell him he wins.  She wants out as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Dana steals her mother’s car and heads off on a road trip with her new boyfriend Leo, who has escaped the behavioral health facility.  Jessica, now frantic, contacts Mike to help her locate Dana and get her back home.  Leo throws Dana’s phone out the window so as not to be bothered or tracked, and the two bond over their shared trauma.  We learn that Leo’s behavior problems stem from the death of his brother, and Dana finally opens up regarding her feelings toward her father’s perceived crimes.

Back at the CIA, Saul and his new protege Farah work to build inroads into their investigation of the CIA bombing.  Dar Adal is still concerned about Carrie and is monitoring her situation closely so Saul won’t be disturbed during his effort to bring those responsible for the bombing to justice.

When we get back to Carrie, it is revealed that she has been released.  She assumes it’s Saul who cut her loose, but soon learns it was the firm that met with her in the previous episode.  They have only one request – that Carrie meet with a man named Bennett the following morning.  If she refuses, her release will be revoked and she’ll be back in the psych ward in 24 hours.  Carrie cautiously agrees, but soon attempts to flee the country.  Upon doing so, she learns that the agency has cancelled all of her credit cards and passport, making travel impossible.  Despite her efforts to lose the men who secured her release, Carrie eventually finds herself back in their company.  They take her to a man named Bennett, who works for a firm that represents a client with a foreign interest.  Carrie is able to learn that the client is an Iranian who worked with the six men assassinated by the CIA just one month earlier.  He wants to use Carrie for information about how these men were identified, and Carrie refuses.  Bennett warns Carrie that the agency is hell-bent on ruining her and implores her to reconsider.  Tearfully, she complies on the condition that the Iranian meet with her face to face.

Mike learns from a detective friend that Dana’s new boyfriend is not what he seems.  Leo’s brother was murdered by Leo himself, either by an unsuccessful suicide pact or just a clear-cut homicide.  Jessica immediately freaks out, and in a cutaway we learn that Dana and Leo have no intention of returning to their lives.

Carrie shows up at Saul’s home and catches him by surprise.  He asks her what she’s doing there, and she replies that she wasn’t followed.  That’s when the bombshell is dropped.  Carrie tells Saul that their plan worked, and she is set to meet with the Iranian.  Saul rejoices and tells Carrie that it won’t be much longer until this is all over.  Carrie cries and says she doesn’t know how much more she can take, while Saul comforts her and invites her in for a cup of hot tea.

Yes!  We should have known better folks.  These past few episodes and the war between Saul and Carrie was all a show.  From Carrie’s restaurant freak-out, down to her incarceration in the psych facility, the whole show was a ploy to draw out the man responsible for funding and planning the attack on the CIA building that took several hundred lives.  I was floored. I genuinely had no idea that was coming, but it has certainly turned the tide on this season’s otherwise dull plot.  The fight to rebuild the CIA goes on, and Saul and Carrie are working together, as it should always be.  You have to love the chemistry between Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes.  I feel like it gets stronger with every scene they play together.  It’s a credit to the amazing writers this series employs.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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