Horror Icons: DAWN OF THE DEAD Director George A. Romero

Throughout the years, many directors have blessed us horror movie fans with brilliant films. In the spirit of Halloween, this week I will be showcasing a few of the most iconic directors who have and continue to leave their mark in horror cinema history.

Continuing my look at horror icons, I’m going to talk about George A. Romero. Lately, zombies have become sort of an obsession with hollywood with the likes of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead and the recent films World War Z and Warm Bodies and they have George to thank for this.  When we think back at the past horrorfilms that have given the spotlight to zombies we think of Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, and the recent films Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. He has created awesome stories of surviving a zombie epidemic and those films continue to be the ideal films to look at for directors who are now bringing zombies back into the spotlight. Each of these films George made had somewhat of the same idea, surviving the zombie apocalypse in different scary situations like groups of people hiding from the epidemic or running away from the epidemic. There have been remakes of his classic films, that have been pretty good but not worthy of being compared to his great work and we will probably never seen anything quite like his work. Are you a fan of his work? Which of his films are your favorite? I personally love each of them and hope that someday he makes another badass zombie film!!!





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