HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Spin-Off Planned – Could It Work?

While How I Met Your Mother continues to be a ratings success, most of the fans will tell you that it is just a shell of the show it used to be. After having four incredible, hilarious seasons, the show started to dwindle and dawdle and the fans just wanted to meet the mother already. The show is now in it’s ninth season, so for you math geniuses out there, that’s five solid years of mediocre product. Yet, the ratings have continued to stay stable, and at times even rise thanks to new fans catching up on the older episodes through Netflix and syndication. So of course, seeing the ratings, it makes sense that CBS would want to spin-off the series to cash in on the name recognition.

The spin-off would essentially be How I Met Your Father – a mostly female cast in their 20s on the dating scene, told from the perspective of the lead in the future, after having found marital bliss. The cast would be completely new, though they could show up in the finale to help tie the shows together. They would also hang out in MacClaren’s, the current HIMYM gang’s favorite bar. Basically, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are just rehashing their already successful idea and trying to drain every last drop out of it. Even with the addition of Emily Spivey and her track record on Up All Night doesn’t give me hope that this show will be anything worth watching.

Given the limited information we have, I think the only way this could possibly work is if they learn from How I Met Mother‘s mistakes. The biggest lesson should be to have a clear timeline in place.While that is rare in traditional broadcast TV, having a story with what is a pretty limited time within someone’s life needs that kind of structure. One of the major failings of HIMYM was that it took 9 years to meet the titular mother. Within these nine years, there were a lot of almost-was and near-misses with girlfriends and fiances. For the HIMYF spin-off, they need to decide when they’ll introduce the father, when they’ll get together, and when they’ll the show. That might all be in one season/series finale, but if the show goes on for as many years as HIMYM it better be broken up to allow milestones that will satisfy fans.

Do you think a How I Met Your Mother spin-off could work? Sound off in the comments!

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