Looking Back at the Lannisters in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES

If there’s one family who have us hooked to our TVs, it’s the Lannisters of Casterly Rock in Game of Thrones. One of the most evil and manipulative groups of people committed to film, each character is a deep and complex individual who will go to any lengths to get what they want.

To celebrate the imminent return of this most golden of families, we take a look back at some of their best (and worst) scenes during their domination of King’s Landing…

Arriving in the North

From the first episode we are treated to some amazing examples of their highly manipulative behaviour. From the start we realise something isn’t quite right with these people, as Cersai’s disdain for her husband, King Robert, is clear from the start, and Joffrey’s spoilt behaviour left us confused as to why Sansa is so keen on him.

It was Jaime who was the most surprising character from the start, as he quite easily pushed Brann from the window of a tower. His evil behaviour continued as he showed to have no interest in anyone other than himself (except, perhaps, his sister), until his sword hand is cut off in Season Three.

Here we saw a more sensitive side to Jaime, one who had attempted to do good for a long time, only to be called a King-slayer for the rest of his life. His affection grew to include Brianne who, at one time, he had attempted to slay, showing a complete turn for the character. It will be interesting to see where his story goes in the approaching season!

Cersai’s speech

While King’s Landing was under siege, Cersai drank in the tower, regretting having been born a woman. Her speech is equal parts hilarious, awkward and terrifying, and reveals some of her mysteries.

She detests the fact that, as a woman, her only weapon is her womanhood when she would much rather fight with a sword in battle. She is merciless when it comes to protecting her children, even when she can see their evils, and she is, perhaps, one of the most interesting characters in the show.

We’re bound to be given a deeper insight into the life of Cersai as the next season comes to air; she has been dismissed by Joffrey, she has little power and is failing to manipulate those around her completely successfully.

Joffrey’s slap

King Joffrey has had a great range of scenes throughout the show, though it was when he was finally given the slap he most deserved by Tyrion that was the greatest moment so far. As an incredibly evil character, it was satisfying to watch him get at least some of what he deserved, especially as it was dealt by Tyrion Lannister himself!

If you’re looking to recreate that amazing scene yourself, Round Games have created a way in which you can without committing treason! This slap Joffrey game is perfect for those who can’t wait for Season Four to finally begin in 2014!

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