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The goal of my “Real Geek Girls” series is to show the world that girls truly can be geeky. For some, that seems like an obvious observation, but there’s always that one person, almost always a guy, who will talk about how girls are fake geeks who don’t know what they’re talking. Girls are just doing it look cool and lure in geek guys. They don’t know what it’s all about when it comes to “geek culture” and they’re somehow just there to be admired by geek guys. I’m here to let the world know that girls DO know what we’re talking about. We can be and we ARE just as geeky as the guys. Every now and again, I’ll interview a new geek girl just to highlight how many of us are out there, how real we are all. We come in all shapes and sizes, and love a many number of geeky things. I’m going to show the world that there are real geek girls, and they know as much, if not more, than the somehow more revered geek guy.

Meet Katrina Hill…or to many, Action Chick! She is an incredibly awesome geeky girl who has done so much in the world of “geek” and is a perfect example of why girls are as equally geeky as guys! She has written a book, has her own blog full of geeky action goodness, writes for Fanhattan.comArcadeSushi.com, and MTVGeek, is completely obsessed with action, and G4TV named her their official Next Woman of the Web, which is a cool honor that goes to the most appealing lady of the gaming and geek online universe. I talked to her about various things from her convention experiences, her book, and other great stuff! She is definitely someone to look up to, a wonderful role model.

Katrina Hill

What does being a “geek” mean to you?

To me, being a “geek” means being really passionate about something, whether it’s action movies, superheroes, or candy. You love this thing with an intensity that would blind a mere mortal.

What do you think about people who tend to consider only guys as true geeks and seem to think girls fake it?

It seems like they’re really narrow minded. Have they _been_ to a convention? The population at most conventions is pretty evenly distributed between male and female. Why would a anyone spend a ton of money to travel to a convention if they’re not interested in what’s there? Also, I wonder if many of these naysayers have experienced first hand a “fake geek girl” or are simply making assumptions? And even then, if you talk to someone who doesn’t know every single detail about a topic they say they like, that doesn’t make them fake. I love action movies. Do I know every single detail about every single action movie? No. Have I seen every single action movie? No, there’s way too many and I have other life obligations that keep me from sitting on the couch 24/7 watching movies (no matter how much I wish I could). We geeks as a whole, men and women, need to be more supportive of each other instead of trying to tear each other down.

Tell us about your book ACTION MOVIE FREAK.

Action Movie Freak is a love letter to all of the greatest action movies I could cram into its many pages. I cover flicks like Rambo (I-IV), Predator, the Terminators, Enter the Dragon, and even some lesser-known movies like Ong-Bak, Bangkok Knockout. It’ll remind you of what’s so awesome about action movies and maybe introduce you to some new ones to watch. If you dig movies with lots of kicking, punching, and exploding, this is definitely the book for you. Plus, it comes with a DVD of “The Impossible Kid,” which is a film that will definitely keep you entertained.

You’ve gone to Cons and been involved in so many of them, what do you love about them and how’s it like at the various Con’s?

I love the atmosphere at conventions- how everyone’s all “in on it” because we’re all fangirls/boys. I love the awesome stuff on convention floors, the great cosplay, the panels, and seeing friends I only get to see at conventions.


Is there anything you’re working on now or anything you’d like us to know about? You write for a few sites and have your own site…what do you mainly tend to write about?

I mostly write about movies, TV shows, and video games. I review games for Arcadesushi.com, talk about TV and movies for CraveOnline, Fan Voice, and over at my own site, Actionflickchick.com. I also do a webseries, Geeks and Gamers Anonymous, which is about a support group for gaming addicts. You can find Geeks and Gamers Anonymous on Youtube. I’ve got several upcoming convention appearances soon, with Stan Lee’s Comikaze being the most imminent- there I’ll be doing four panels on creative geekery, webseries, stunt performers, and more. There are a couple of other things I’m working on, too, but I have to keep them under wraps for now 😉

Do you have any advice for the girls out there who might be ashamed or scared to show off their inner geek?

Don’t be! What’s there to be ashamed about? Anybody who has a problem with what you like, that’s _their _problem. There’s nothing wrong with you for loving the things you love… unless the thing you love is killing people, because that’s just straight-up not cool. Be true to yourself, and, if you don’t know anyone who likes what you do, look around. There’s a whole, big, wonderful world out there full of cool people.

Action Chick

You can follow her on Twitter, like her Facebook and check out her website.


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