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JUST CAUSE 2 Multiplayer Mod Trailer Features Maximum Chaos

The modders behind the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod have released the first full version on Steam, after its extended beta. Check out the release trailer below:



Sometimes a game proves its worth its initial sales, popularity, or innovation. Just Cause 2 was sort of one of them. Despite beind a gorgeous looking game, its characters are stale, the story cut and paste from a billion 1980’s exploitation films from below the equator. Just Cause 2  is a relatively well-known because its explodey goodness, the veritable island playground of destruction. The sandbox was more interesting than the game (I never even competed the campaign). I mean, it wasn’t a bad game by any stretch of the imagination: it had a marvelous look, slick controls, and an enormous map to explore. It just didn’t have staying power.

Its time of “GTA: Jungle Edition” had come and gone, fading into history as a fun but forgettable diversion, occasionally installed by me to benchmark a new graphics card every now and then. Until now. The multiplayer mod is a refreshing, invigorating piece of innovation in terms of rethinking a game’s potential. The map for Just Cause 2 is enormous but curiously empty-feeling (it’s four times the size of World of Warcraft). Adding in hundreds of players to race, battle, and goof off with grappling hooks and rocket launcher is a stroke of genius.

If you own a copy of Just Cause 2, the mod is free and available here sometime today (12/16).

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