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No Man’s Sky Open World MMO Wows VGX Crowd (And Myself)

It’s the pre-holiday season, and you’d think I’d be all up in a tizzy about stuff to be interested in. Yet after the big PS4 and Xbox One reveals, there’s a bit of a lull nowadays. The holiday season has shot its wad and nothing really exciting is happening until Spring. Then something comes along Reddit or Twitter or emailed to me and I get all hot and bothered. No Man’s Sky is one of those games.

Check out the VGX Awards announcement trailer below:



Let’s go through the “Carl’s Nipple Excitement Checklist”, shall we?

  • Massive open-world exploration – CHECK
  • Procedurally generated – CHECK
  • Ability to dogfight in space – PEW PEW PEW
  • Warp speed, Mister Sulu – MAKE IT SO
  • Can lift off from a goddamn beach and reach space – DONE AND DONE, SON

The current generation of games don’t really feel like “games” yet, Many of the launch titles for the two biggies are surprisingly modest in actual scale considering what the hardware boasts. Yes, there’s a big goddamn skybox, but you can’t interact with it. It’s a dome shaped matte painting slapped in front of dull brown chest-high walls. You’re stuck with the same dull shooting and cover mechanics, the same hamster wheel we’ve had since Castle Wolfenstein. Sometimes that’s fun, but I keep asking Sony and Microsoft, “Is this all you got?”

But then again, X Rebirth emerged like a wet fart as a broken, underperforming mess that also wowed me as a trailer, so maybe I need to curb the hype train. But I don’t want to. I guess my point is, I like what I see. Colorful, vibrant landscapes, an infinite number of worlds, and sandworms. SANDWORMS.

No Man’s Sky is being developed by Hello Games, a 4 person UK studio in an inexplicable pivot from their Joe Danger series. We’re unsure of what platforms and release date we can expect.

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