Louis C.K. Reveals The Ending Of The AMERICAN HUSTLE Ice Fishing Story

While I loved American Hustle, one of my lingering questions was just what the heck happened in the end of that fishing story?! Louis C.K.’s character tried to moralize to Bradley Cooper’s overzealous agent with a story from his youth, when him and his brother decided to go out ice fishing in their home town before the traditional season. The story is doled out bit by bit, but is always interrupted when Richie DiMaso always tries to jump the gun and figure out the point before it’s over.

On the latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Leno gets to the bottom of just what happens next. And well, it certainly wasn’t what I expected. And it’s definitely not pretty. It is pretty funny though.

Watch Louis C.K. finish the story:

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