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Scott Adkins is far from a household name, and he may never be to be honest. But for those who know, this hidden gem of an action star will always appear in films that will remain high on his fans’ most anticipated lists. This was true when it was announced that Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear, the sequel to the film that came out right around the same time as Ninja Assassin. The larger marketed Ninja Assassin had a theatrical run and therefore was seen by more people, but the superior ninja film was the simply named direct-to-video Ninja.

Official Synopsis:

Fight everyone and trust no one: it’s the code of survival practiced by martial arts master Casey Bowman (Scott Adkins) after his life of domestic bliss is shattered by a savage act of violence. With the help of his friend Nakabara (Kane Kosugi), the fearless American retrains his responses and elevates his battle skills to seek justice for his wife’s murder. Casey stealthily tracks the man responsible on his mission of vengeance, but just when he has his prey cornered, an unexpected twist forces him to see even those closest to him as enemies. In the ultimate confrontation, Casey must reflect on his teachings to become an invisible warrior worthy of the title Ninja.


Special Features:

  • Featurette: This is short, but worth watching because Isaac Florentine is really great at directing action. Here, you’ll get to see a bit of him in action behind the camera.
  • Cast & Crew Interviews: Fairly standard, and nothing ground-breaking is revealed here.
  • Behind the Scenes: Footage from the making of the movie.
  • Previews: Additional Millenium titles.

Scott Adkins has the complete package that an action star brings to the table. Fast, muscular, good-looking, charming, and able to kick some serious ass whenever the need calls for it. He has collaborated with Isaac Florentine on a few films, and they are all fantastic. Trust me when I saw that this is an actor whose work you need to see, especially if you’re a martial arts/action junkie. Ninja II might be their best film yet.


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