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5 Chick Flicks That Guys Actually Enjoy (Just In Time For Valentine’s Day)


For most men, one of the most redemptive qualities of a chick flick is the physical attractiveness of the female lead. The prettier she is, the more plot contrivances we’re willing to put up with. The thing is, Bridget Jones’s Diary throws all of our expectations out the window by casting Renee Zellweger as a perennially single, relatively disheveled 30-something. Even without knockout looks, Zellweger steals our hearts and minds thanks to–you guessed it–her diary, which spills her secrets as well as her ultimately irresistible charm.


Marc Lawrence’s Music and Lyrics was a welcome surprise back in 2007 for the man who felt he’d rather watch a documentary on applying for an unsecured business loan than struggle through another romantic comedy. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore play an aspiring writer and a former pop idol, respectively, as they collaborate to write a hit song. By drawing some well-observed parallels between the creative process and a burgeoning relationship, Music and Lyrics is a cut above your ordinary dime-a-dozen chick flicks. I loved this movie, and thought the music was great, too. I mean, come on, who can listen to PoP! Goes My Heart without getting it stuck in their head for weeks:

So there you have it. 5 chick flicks that guys can sit through without gagging. Although, if you’re a pro, you can convince your date that Shaun of the Dead is a romantic comedy. It’s worth a shot!

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