Happy Birthday Alan Rickman!

It’s Alan Rickman’s birthday!! Alan Rickman is the man. Plenty of people all over the world mainly know him from his brilliant portrayal of Severus Snape from the Harry Potter films. He’s a major part of so many young adult’s childhoods, so he’s pretty much a national treasure! He’s had a long and amazing resume full of memorable performance, one of his most memorable also being Hans Gruber from Die Hard. He’s not only a fantastic actor, but he is genuinely one of the coolest actors in the business.

@teriwolfpants says: The finest moments for me is when and how he pronounces the “P” in “Potter”. Which is definitely one of my favorite moments too. In general every time he spoke in his Snape voice he delivered shivers down our spines and sounded so awesome. OBVIOUSLY.



Watch this greatness:

Also, this greatness:

There’s also this greatness:


alan rickman


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