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SNL Highlights: Lena Dunham Spoofs SCANDAL, Taran Killam Nails McConaughey

Lena Dunham invaded Saturday Night Live this week, and I do mean invaded. Following in Lady Gaga‘s footsteps, she was in nearly every sketch on the night and many of them were distinctly in her voice and with her views at the core. This didn’t always result in funny sketches, like the dull and awkward Jewelry Party sketch and the horribly underused Jon Hamm appearance in the “What Are You Even Doing?” sketch. But, mixed in with the lackluster and annoying were quite a few solid moments.

Of course, Lena Dunham stripped down for her own take on the Adam & Eve storyline from the bible, the original GIRL. But as far as spoofs go, nothing topped the take down of Scandal. Thank goodness they finally brought in some diversity with Sasheer Zamata so they can take on Shonda Rhimes and other timely pop culture topics. Scandal stars the fabulous Kerry Washington as a fast-talking, fast-acting problem solver. 

Watch Lena Denham’s Scandal spoof:

Taran Killam is always solid, but his Matthew McConaughey impression is next level. I can’t even fully describe just why it’s so great. Watch his impression from Weekend Update here:


Other highlights:



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