SDCC ’14: THE BOOK OF LIFE Press Conference Live-Blog

We’re live at San Diego Comic-Con, talking about The Book of Life! Channing Tatum, Ron Perlman, Christina Applegate, Writer/Director Jorge Gutierrez and Producer Guillermo del Toro.

Animation-wise, how is this different from other big films this year? 

Jorge: We could create something really unique and different. Growing up I wanted to see a Mexican story and now I was able to put in all these things I never saw but wanted to in to this film. We really wanted this to look true to its Mexican roots.

Guillermo: In order to be universal, we tried to be very specific to our culture and who we are and what we love. None of us are trying to cash in on a generic animated film about talking animals with quippy one-liners.

What attracted you to Channing to have him be the voice? 

Guillermo: I loved Magic Mike, it’s the godfather of male stripper movies.

Jorge: The characer had to be this high school quarterback, over the top guy that every one loves. I thought he would say no, to be honest. We pitched it to him as he had to be Captain Latin America.

Was it challenging doing voice over work compared to your usual action movies? 

I loved it because I didn’t have to shower. I love that you

Ron: I love voice work because it’s an invitation to just do the work and throw yourself into it without any bullshit. You’re going for the brassring immediately. It’s pure performing for performing’s stake.

Channing: I never really worked on an animated film before – The Lego Movie was just me and Jonah making fun of each other for an hour. It’s like working with out a net, and you throw yourself into it and have to trust the director to pull you in the right direction.

What drew you in to jump on the script? 

Christina: There wasn’t a script at first, they had a presentation with the amazing artwork and told me the story and that was it. I loved this idea that love never dies and then he also told me that Channing was going to be in it.

And that’s it for this one! Thanks for following along with us.

Updated to add the video of Channing Tatum and Biz Markie rapping during the panel:

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