SDCC ’14: Cosplay Photo Gallery (and More!)

Another Con has come and gone, but at least we’ll have the memories forever!  From current pop culture to nostalgic childhood imagery, each year attendees’ homemade costumes get more elaborate and amazing.  Here are some of my favorite cosplay moments from the week, along with a few things that were just plain awesome.  Enjoy!



More Spaceballs!IMG_8117

OMG it’s Lorne!IMG_8044Daenerys, Drogo, & Dragon


Oberyn, The Mountain, and The HoundIMG_8031

Jules and VincentIMG_0215

Cool Furry whose Mouth Moved to SpeechIMG_0217

Ice Cream Cone BatmanIMG_0212

Headless HorsemanIMG_0205

Real Beetlejuice PropsIMG_0201

Beetlejuice Snake PuppetIMG_0202

Mojo JojoIMG_8116

Awesome Tiki GuyIMG_8122

A Sign that is Always CorrectIMG_8123

Me Internally Cosplaying Norman BatesIMG_8126

2 MargesIMG_8112

Miss FrizzleIMG_8079

Dog Cosplaying a LionIMG_8078


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