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Hawkeye vs Deadpool

Coming this Spetmebr 3, two Master Marksmen will have to team up together, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get along. They are Hawkeye and Deadpool.

Both Marvel characters have been known always appear side by side with others and rarely have comics of their own. It only makes sense to pair two of the lonliest characters together in ‘Hawkeye vs Deapool’.

This is what the comic series writer, Gerry Duggan had to say about the series’ story line:

“There is a real threat… There’s a very important thumb drive that’s missing, containing details on the personal and family lives of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. When different organizations hear about this, it becomes a bit of a dog pile.”

More info on the comic book series can be found here.


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