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Catch Up On What’s Happened On DOCTOR WHO Series 8 So Far

My fellow lovely Whovians of the world, have you been enjoying the last few episodes of series 8? I decided to throw a recap of the last 3 episodes together for fun, to see how the stories have differed and what exactly is going on.


Now, for Kill The Moon:

This episode was one of those episodes with an important choice. They headed to 2049, along with Courtney accompanying them, and in short…they find out the moon is actually a baby alien. I think it was an alien. Now, that baby alien was starting to hatch, so the moon has actually been an egg for all these years and in that year it was beginning to actually hatch. There were also plenty of spiders in this episode which were like parasites/germs that sucked the life out of you if they jumped and latched onto you. They started coming out as the egg/moon was beginning to hatch. The Doctor, Clara and Courtney met with astronauts and towards the end of the episode The Doctor decided he didn’t want to make the decision of eliminating the alien thing and left Clara, The astronaut and Courtney to make the decision. They call everyone on Earth to make the decision, receiving the vote to save the Earth first and neglect the alien. Clara stops the trigger that would make the bombs that were there go off and the Doctor then returns and gets them away from the moon. When they get to Earth they see the alien creature hatch and the shell disintegrates and it lays a new egg which is the new moon. When they get back to the Tardis, Clara confronts The Doctor and yells at him that it was his decision to make too, because he lives amongst us humans and cares about us. She then also tells him to go away, far away and leaves.

Now, Mummy on the Orient Express:

This episode was quite an interesting one and it involved a mummy that not everyone could see who was killing people. After being so cross with The Doctor, Clara joins The Doctor yet again before really deciding to leave him for good. They board the Orient Express and finds out that an elderly woman had been murdered recently, but by a mummy she could only see. It was, as she described it, an Egyptian Mummy. People had been dying the same way and it didn’t really have anything to do with the woman being elderly so The Doctor decides to investigate. He comes to the conclusion that the Mummy these people were seeing before they died is called the Foretold and is invisible to all, except who it’s about to kill. It then kills the victim in 66 seconds. This turned into an interesting episode, because the train’s computer program Gus had a bit of a Max Capricorn feel too him. Could it have been him? Another version of him? Gus told The Doctor he had enlisted him to get the Foretold or he’d have to watch more people die. The Doctor does end up realizing that whoever was dying had some sort of illness. The Foretold wasn’t just randomly picking people off, it did it with a motive. The Doctor then decides to take the consciousness of the next person that was going to get murdered and sees the Mummy and comes to the conclusion that it’s a dead soldier that has been powered by technology from the future. He surrenders at the hand of the Foretold and saves everyone. Gus then turns into a psycho program and takes the air supply of the train away as he doesn’t think the survival of everyone is necessary and then The Doctor uses future technology from the Foretold to teleport everyone away to safety before the train goes into a explosion. At the end, we see that Clara decides she does not want to leave The Doctor as she said she did before.


The Tardis shrinks!!! In fact, it shrinks into a cube at one point, but throughout the episode the Tardis is just a mini Tardis and The Doctor is stuck inside. He gives Clara his psychic paper and sonic and Clara turns into Doctor Oswald and becomes quite a hero in this episode. It’s been a lot of Clara in this series, but this episode was probably the best Clara driven episode next to Deep Breath. So why exactly was the Tardis shrinking? Well, in the beginning of the episode we see someone vanish from some alien like thing that we can’t figure out what it is. Seems like it was coming out of the floors or walls. Throughout the episode we do see weird designs on walls, that indicate that something is actually going on. Suddenly, more and more people were disappearing in Bristol. Clara bumps into a young graffiti artist who she befriends and he helps her visit a house where someone has escaped. The Doctor gave Clara an earpiece in which he could actually see and hear what she was doing. While they examine this house the mysterious alien takes form and Clara and Rigsy, the graffiti artist, nearly get sucked into the ground. The Doctor figures out that this alien is from a universe that is two- dimensional and is sort of sucking people into that world. The murals on the walls that show up were actually all the people the aliens absorbed into their dimension and they suddenly come to life and chase after Clara, Rigsy and the community service folks throughout the episode. The Doctor helps them with a device he created that changes their dimensions, but since the Tardis was turning into a cube and loosing function, The Doctor puts it into siege mode and he’s left in there gasping for breath and nearly dying when one of the men throws the Tardis cube down onto the train tracks. Rigsby and Clara then mess with these creatures and actually make them power the Tardis to save The Doctor who was near death in there. The Doctor then comes out of the Tardis and uses the power to send the creatures back into their dimensions, and he lets it be known that he is protecting our world. When The Doctor and Clara get back into the Tardis too leave, Clara really wants The Doctor to acknowledge her for being a good ‘Doctor’. He does tell her she was exceptional, but that goodness actually had nothing to do with it. You could tell it messed with Clara’s head. She really for some reason needed to hear him say this. At the end, we see Missy. She’s watching everything unfold and says, “Clara. My Clara, I have chosen well” and with that we are yet again left wondering who the hell she is and if she’s even employed Clara as her mole.


What do you guys think of the episodes? Seems like with each episode we are getting a lot more Clara and seeing an interesting dynamic between The Doctor and Clara now. It’s still obvious that she’s having a hard time still dealing with the new Doctor. But is the reason why we are seeing so much Clara, because of Missy? Is Missy controlling her? Most importantly, who the hell is Missy? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!






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