Rocket Raccon and Groot Variant Covers

Rocket Raccoon and Groot will be taking over Marvel for November and December- a twofer! There will be a total of 20 variant covers that will star the Duo.

This is what Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel had to say about variant covers, “We were totally overwhelmed by the response to the Rocket Raccoon & Groot variants when we released them last month.” Everyone just LOVES Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Here is the list of the duo’s variant cover appearances:

All New Captain America #1

Amazing Spider-Man #9

Amazing X-Men #19

Avengers #38 (2012)

Avengers World #15

Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #2

Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #1

Deadpool #37 (2012)

Guardians of the Galaxy #21 (2013). This one is obvious!

Guardians 3000 #2

Hulk #8 (2014)

Legendary Star-Lord #5

New Avengers #26 (2013)

Rocket Raccoon #5 (2014)

Spider-Verse #1

Spider-Woman #1 (2014)

Spider-Woman#2 (2014)

Superior Iron Man #1

Thor #2 (2014)

Uncanny X-Men #28 (2013)

You can see the variant covers at Marvel’s gallery, HERE


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