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FAR CRY 4 – What Makes Animals The Best Part Of The Game?

Kyrat, a fictitious place in the Himalayan Mountains is a stunningly beautiful region with a psychopathic tyrant. His name is Pagan Min and he has enslaved the population. In “Far Cry 4”, the most recent open world shooter game from Ubisoft, you are the one who has come to overturn this evil ruler, and you are armed – with assault rifles and C4. The additional twist of this game is that, before worrying about any of that, you can explore the land and shoot the many animals you come across.

Far Cry 4 & the animals

The animals featured in “Far Cry 4” aid the game to be more realistic; they’re the most important part of the game, and every animal killed is an opportunity to gain useful assets, whether it is their skin to make gun holsters (enabling you to carry more guns) or additional wallets (useful for carrying cash). The amazing thing about this game is that the animals do what they want, regardless of how you plan your campaign.

The vicious animals

There are many different animals roaming through the ‘Far Cry 4” landscape, including eagles, elephants and tigers – which are also some of the more vicious ones you will meet. Every animal has a use, but they also have their own needs and desires. A perfect example is when you take the time to hunt a pig, you will be able to locate it from the in-game map which shows the areas you can expect to find the various animals, after having killed it, before you can even get to it to pick it up; you may be surprised to find an eagle swooping down and carrying off your kill. The key here is that it will not happen every time – it is a computer-generated decision.

Gameplay linked to the “Far Cry 4” animals

There are many examples of how the animals can affect your play in unexpected ways; rhinos have been known to destroy a base – enemy or otherwise, wolves can attack anyone, as can the snakes, usually at the most inopportune moment, ensuring you plummet to your death. In many ways this game is actually about you fighting the environment, partly to survive, partly to profit from it and partly to learn, from those completely unexpected events.

The ultimate aim is still to overthrow the tyrant, but this game does what very few others do.  It allows the environment to have a life of its own. The computer can affectively destroy your carefully laid plans and change the course of a game in the blink of an eye. Manufacturers tend to avoid these sorts of games as most players do not react well to having their plans ruined by a computer system and the fact that these types of games have a mind of their own and can, therefore, break things – a scary possibility to a manufacturer investing a lot of money and their reputation on the performance and review of the game.

“Far Cry 4”, with its wild, unpredictable, animals may well represent the future of gaming. A landscape which does its own thing is far more realistic and can be a useful tool in learning about the environment you are playing in. Game players used to object to how a human face did not look realistic, now these faces do, the people and animals in most games look like the real thing.

The more accurate and alive the main characters feel, the more the game’s environment will feel false and constricting. This leads to the very real possibility that gamers of the future will require the whole game to feel real, like you feel at Makeover Games 365, a virtual world that functions on all levels like the world we actually live in.

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