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Ramekin, a Creepy And Satisfying Movie – Movie Review

We’ve seen millions of ways directors can make something scary, but when is the last time we’ve seen a Ramekin dish possessing and making someone’s life hell? Seriously, have we ever seen a ramekin used like this? Ramekin is the kind of film that’ll instantly make you want to throw away every dish you have in your house because of the fear that they’ll possess you into doing crazy things at some point in your life. The feeling of things controlling you manages to stick with you after watching this film and will haunt you for days after.


Basically, Ramekin is about a college girl, Emily, who starts off living with weird roommates to moving into her, recently deceased Grandmothers home, and being possessed into doing crazy things by a Ramekin dish.



What completes the film and makes it great is the star, Jamie Saunders, who manages to balance out annoyed, happy, sad, angry, possessed, crazy and sane throughout the film. As the viewers, we are completely captivated by her ability to make us feel bad for her. It’s hard to watch her battle with this annoying ramekin dish that literally does not want her to ever live a normal life again. It’s almost as if the Ramekin itself is a spirit and wants Emily as its friend forever. The only people who visit Emily, Mark and Jane, have to endure such weird moments with her and death. There’s a great cast in this film. Everyone does a lovely job. Even the actors who aren’t in the film for more than maybe a few minutes manage to leave their mark.

The music! It’s wonderful. A soundtrack really completes a movie and let me tell you, the soundtrack to this movie is great and does indeed complete it. The directing, by Cody Clarke, is also done wonderfully. Clarke is a force, having made indie films that leave the viewer completely enamored with his work. And, he’s an author and poet with tremendous work. The different shots of Emily with the Ramekin, as it’s controlling her, are intense. One of the scenes towards the end is very unnerving and unsettling and will leave you cringing, in a good way. Also, the very end will make you question everything.

Here’s a trailer: 



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