KwikFit Game Reveals How Much Smartphones Distract Drivers

The law may have caught up to the smartphone age but drivers still use them far too often. Many road users will still use their smartphone to play music, find directions and check texts while they are behind the wheel. It can be easy to forget that being distracted by your phone is incredibly dangerous. Even just glimpsing at the screen, or having it in your peripheral vision, can prevent you from paying attention to the road.

The UK motoring company Kwik Fit has just launched an interactive game, Driven To Distraction, which goes to show just how much a smartphone can interfere with your response time behind the wheel. In the game, users are asked to click as soon as they see the ‘Stop’ sign. The first time, you will be challenged with just the windscreen in front of you. The second, you will need to do it whilst answering a question via the on-screen smartphone.

The game reveals that even just reacting to the stop sign 0.1 seconds later, your vehicle will be unable to set for an extra 4 meters. This can, of course, mean the difference between a safe stop and a life-changing accident. The Driven To Distraction game goes to show that you should keep your smartphone out of reach when you are behind the wheel. Even just a minor distraction can have major repercussions.

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