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For better and worse, The Girl on the Train will always be tied to Gone Girl. Paula Hawkins’s debut novel was almost immediately anointed “this year’s Gone Girl.” To this day, The Girl on The Train is still compared – unfavorably – to Gone Girl. Such was the case for the book, and now is the case for

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I feel compelled to write this article as this very website posted a piece not too long ago entitled “The Worst Movies Of 2012”. Ghost Rider 2 featured highly on this list and the Ghost Rider himself Nicolas Cage was lambasted and berated for his performance and acting skills in

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Tom Cruise is currently in talks to star in WE ARE MORTALS,  the sci-fi adaptation of the Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka All You Need is Kill, according to THR. The epic high concept movie has Doug Liman attached to direct. Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt have also been considered

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