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Heather McIntosh is a badass.  She may or may not corroborate this estimation of her character, but how else can you describe someone with her resume?  Ms. McIntosh is a cellist with a penchant for electronic music and a passion to share her creative spirit with the world. Heather scored

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In the early 1960s, the infamous Milgram experiment tested the limits of obedience by having individuals administer (fake) electric shocks to an actor posing as a fellow test subject. The scientist in charge assured them that the punishments were crucial to the experiment’s success, and chided people who expressed reservations, even as the other test subject pretended to be in immense pain.

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The New York Film Festival added some films and, for the first time in its history, tributes to its lineup. Also, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master has screened in various locations across the U.S. But let’s reserve that conversation for next week because, well, will we need to talk about

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I think very many of you will remember the incident that sparked shock and outrage across the country after a young girl was strip searched and sexually assaulted in the office of a McDonalds, all at the instruction of nothing more than a voice on the phone claiming to be

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