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Featuring 11 romantic flicks for less than $10 each, Amazon’s Blu-ray Deal of the Week can help you avoid breaking the bank with panicked, last-minute Valentine’s Day gift shopping.

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In this week’s episode of NewGirl, “Bully”, CeCe has to come to terms with her relationship with Schmidt, Jess has to relive her bullied past and Nick reads too much into a gift from Julia. CeCe and Schmidt are still hooking up as we see at the opening of “Bully”.

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With movie ticket prices constantly on the rise, most people can’t afford to catch absolutely everything in theaters. Thankfully, cable’s Video on Demand service is quickly realizing that and they’ve just added a slew of movies worth the price. Time Warner is smartly capitalizing off the love for Ryan Gosling

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Editor’s Note:  Originally we were only going to post one list of the Top 10 Movies that would consist of films selected by everyone, but the writers had such varied, quality selections that we didn’t want to leave anything out. 2011 was such a strong year for film, covering everything

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