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This film might have been a success in the 1960’s, but it’s terribly difficult to get through in the 2010’s. I found myself frustrated with the pace, flashbacks and psychological demonstrations of the prisoners.

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In preparation for tonight’s Pretty Little Liars, and in case you’ve forgotten some of the many details, here’s a quick summary of what happened last week on PLL… Emily found a surprise in her bag during English class: a necklace made of letter beads reading “Dead Girls Can’t See” and…teeth.

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Pretty Little Liars returned last night and—surprise, surprise—many new secrets and lies abound. It’s been 5 months in Liar-land since Mona was ‘revealed’ to be the mysterious and omnipresent ‘A’. The Liars welcome Emily home from her summer in Haiti with an adult slumber party (i.e., a sleepover with cocktails)

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