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There are some really cool releases this week! 42, Evil Dead, Orphan Black: Season One and Bullet to the Head are the ones I’d think people would like to buy! A very nice difference in genres.

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Sylvester Stallone seems to be stepping his career back up as of late with The Expendables series and a few others in the can. One of those said films in the can, released a trailer today. Bullet to the Head is another action packed thriller where Stallone kills people. Don’t get me wrong, this film actually pretty badass and I’ll probably be seeing it, but Stallone is the same character as usual.

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Blu-ray and DVD

What can possibly be said about Game of Thrones that hasnt’ been said by nearly everyone already? Well plenty actually. Despite what you have heard, this show is filled with surprises and is the kind of great show that warrants multiple viewings in order to absorb it all, and you’ll

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