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Last week, we learned an eternal truth: Ghostbusters 3 refuses to die, and now, according to Bloody Disgusting (who cited an unnamed source), Sony could be exploring the possibility of an animated Ghostbusters film. Naturally, this has shaken the cage and angered some Ghostbusters fans who want their beloved franchise

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We’ve seen it before — a show, hanging onto the edge of a cliff by its whitening fingers, tries to talk it’s way into a helping hand — suddenly, new cast members come in to try and reinvigorate things, sharks get jumped, and the acrid odor of desperation seeps out

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A friend of mine, in reference to the death of MCA, said, “RIP MCA, see you at Coachella next year.” Funny, a bit “too soon” , but also close to prophetic. No, MCA isn’t coming back in hologram form (yet, or hopefully, ever), but Freddie Mercury? Yeah, that’s happening. According to Gawker, a

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