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The die hard fans of The Twilight Saga have been camped out for days in LA to stand outside the premiere of the final installment Breaking Dawn Part 2. Rather than sit out in the cold for days, why not just sit inside your cozy home, on your comfortable couch, and get

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As apart of the American Express Unstaged series — which previously brought us collaborations from Arcade Fire/Terry Gilliam, The Roots and John Legend/Spike Lee, Duran Duran/David Lynch, and My Morning Jacket/Todd Haynes — Jack White will be performing at Webster Hall in New York City on April 27 at 9

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Well the event is now underway, Mojang has sat down and took on the challenge of creating a brand new game in only sixty short hours. The game itself is the result of earlier polls posted by Mojang and the Humble Bundle group (whom they are making the new game

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