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It happens a lot. We are watching a TV show or a movie and we think to ourselves, “wait! What have I seen this actor or actress in before?” Then, while marveling at their talent, we head on over to IMDb and check to see who the person is and

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This time on THE BASTARDCAST, Jeremy is on a mission in the West Indies and Jason interviews GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS creator Ryan Browne

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As with many of Louie’s two-part episodes, each installment examines a different side of a particular issue. In Part One, it’s mostly about Louie’s quest for love and though we meet this girl, it’s all presented through his point of view. We don’t really get to know her until the

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Woody Allen and DP Gordon Willis treat New York City as if they were portraying a beautiful woman: every shape, shadow, form and movement are displayed through the stunning high contrast only black and white cinema is capable of. The iconic George Gershwin score in the opening sequence describes a

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