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On GameInvasion, we talk about lots of stuff, including the future of video games! Sorta. You’ll just have to listen.

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nintendo fusion
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The Nintendo Fusion??? Nintendo’s next-gen console possibly revealed. We look at what Nintendo must do to make this console a success

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In a shocking announcement, Nintendo revealed Friday that it is altering its projected Wii U sales forecast from 9 million units to 2.8 million units. For all you English majors out there, that’s a 70% decrease. This could not have come at a worse time for Nintendo, as Microsoft and

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retro platformers
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Now that 2013 is behind us, I look at a trio of recent retro platformers belonging to another age.

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After already having one press conference at this years E3 to show of the WiiU’s controller functionality as well as the unveil of the Pro controller, Nintendo’s second conference was to be more game focused. The crowds were eagerly awaiting the industry’s biggest in the biz, and by far the

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