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When people talk about cleaning up at the Box Office they usually mean emptying punters’ pockets – but these films show that sometimes a good clean-up can make a great movie. WALL-E (2008) Who would’ve thought a robot destined to clean the earth for the rest of time could be

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Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney in the first trailer for Saving Mr. Banks. The film features an ensemble cast and is set for release on December 25th.

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Blu-ray and DVDGift Guides

With the first of the gift-giving holidays almost upon us, the stress of finding the perfect present may impede creative thinking. So, as an addition to my previous Chick Flick (Vintage Chick Flicks | Chick Flicks 101) and Bromance/Buddy Comedy Gift Guides, I decided to give you one more: A British

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