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It’s difficult to accept, let alone believe, that Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt, Dear Wendy, The Celebration), the co-founder of the Dogme ’95 movement with Lars von Trier, an attempt to strip away decades of accreted narrative and stylistic filmmaking conventions to find or forge a path to a purer, presumably

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Marion Cotillard‘s two key performances this year, in The Dark Knight Rises and now Rust and Bone, could not be more different. In TDKR she played a side-lined, generic love interest for our hero who barely managed to be interesting even with a late reveal. She also gave us one

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Marion Cotillard in De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)
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The Venice Film Festival is currently underway, but most of the Oscar news this week comes from the Telluride Film Festival, which wrapped just a few days ago. With that in mind, we’re skipping the Oscar prospects of this weekend’s new releases because the film festival news is far more

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