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Alan Tudyk talks to RadioBastard about Premature, whether he begged Joss Whedon to spare him in Serenity, motion capture acting and more

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Recently we had the pleasure to visit Dreamworks Animation Studios for a behind the scenes tour for their latest film How to Train Your Dragon 2.

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Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Countdown movie isn’t one that a whole lot of people like. The Polar Express was a best selling book for many years before it was made into a motion-captured IMAX 3D film in 2004 by Robert Zemeckis. The reason some people don’t like this movie

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Cortana has been one of the characters that has remained ever present throughout the entirety of Master Chief’s story, she is the Navi to Legend of Zelda‘s Link, the EDI to Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard, and will be making a return for Halo 4. I was lucky enough to have  a chat with

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