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If you’re like most of the world, you are most likely obsessed with the show Mr. Robot. It makes you think, laugh, cry, feel confused, scream, and stay in complete shock after something insane happens that you didn’t see coming. Each character on the show has their own story and

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Mr. Robot was a surprise smash for USA last season and the second season is just getting underway. While the cast was expectedly coy about revealing spoilers for the rest of the season, we did get a few good teases about what’s to come. 1. Law Enforcement will play a big

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The Martian – Ridley Scott During a manned mission to Mars, American astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) is presumed dead and left behind by his crew. But Watney is still alive, and he must now find a way to contact Earth – and survive on a barren planet with meager supplies

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