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There’s no shortage of couples in movie history, but few of them are built to last. Here are the fictional couples that could go the distance. 1. Eric & Tami Taylor – Friday Night Lights Other couples simply can’t compare to Coach and Mrs. Coach. Sure, they have their flaws,

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When people talk about cleaning up at the Box Office they usually mean emptying punters’ pockets – but these films show that sometimes a good clean-up can make a great movie. WALL-E (2008) Who would’ve thought a robot destined to clean the earth for the rest of time could be

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This year’s Comic Con is off to an amazing start!! Check out our totally math photo gallery from Preview Night and Day 1. There is so much Adventure Time cosplay going down, it might as well be called FinnCon! Algebraic!!! Giant Finn watches over all of us here: Outside the

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