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This weeks biggest releases are definitely ParaNorman, Lawless, Men in Black III, and Step Up Revolution, in my opinion. Talk about a difference in movie genres: Dancing, Animation, Drama, Aliens! The best reviewed of the bunch is ParaNorman, so if you missed this one in theaters you definitely need to catch it

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Surprise, surprise: The Dark Knight Rises (already discussed) was the champion at the U.S. box office for a second weekend in a row, and neither of the new wide releases, Step Up: Revolution and The Watch, came close to ending its reign. Even when combining their weekend grosses, the dance

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In Step Up Revolution, the lack of depth and compassion in the story, combined with the sub par acting, is made up for only slightly by the awesome dancing. Revolution is a good, but unnecessary addition to the Step Up franchise.

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I know what everyone is thinking: another Step Up movie.  That was everyone’s reaction to it, only the tones are different. For some its “…..really….ANOTHER Step Up Movie?” These are the purist who thought that the movie that was Channing Tatum‘s big break is the only good one and the

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