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Holiday shopping for the special chick-flick lover in your life? Check out these 2013 chick flicks on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download!

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Awkward teen sex and 90’s nostalgia collide in Aubrey Plaza’s first leading lady big screen vehicle, The To Do List.

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The 411 on 10 summer chick flicks—straight-up chick flicks, romantic dramedies, romantic dramas, and even one or two romantic comedies—being released June 21–July 26, with trailers and social media links.

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The To-Do List comes out on Valentine’s Day 2013, however it’s not your classic rom-com, as the star of the movie Aubrey Plaza straight out tells you in the trailer below. I’m still iffy how I feel about her commentating her own trailer, but that’s a different issue.

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