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Blu-ray and DVD

It’s that time again: another weekly DVD/Blu-Ray Roundup!  Here are the new releases for the week and my opinion on whether you should Skip It! Rent It! or Buy It! This week, there actually aren’t too many DVD’s out. The biggest releases this week are the Oscar-nominated War Horse and

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Movie Review

Could Gaby Dellal’s independent winter-set drama, ANGEL’S CREST, be this year’s answer to the Oscar nominated Frozen River and Winter’s Bone? Or does it just simply leave you feeling cold? We’ve seen it at the Edinburgh Film Festival and have the full review! Angel’s Crest throws you headfirst into the

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Day 3 of the Edinburgh Film Festival is over and I’ve had the chance to see the chilly drama ANGEL’S CREST starring Jeremy Piven and Thomas Dekker, British coming of age flick Albatross with Sebastian Koch, Felicity Jones and Julia Ormond, and hundreds of juveniles being tortured under the reign

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