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Journey back with me 20 years. It’s 1994. Arnold Schwarzenegger can open a movie by himself. Jamie Lee Curtis is known for more than selling yogurt that helps you poop. Tom Arnold is considered “in demand.” It seems like so long ago. Now look at the blockbusters today. They’re so

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Total Recall
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the quintessential action star. The former weight lifter got his start as a thug in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye (1973) and never looked back, entertaining fans for over forty years. Yes, forty. With the release of Sabotage, Schwarzenegger is out to prove that after all

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Avid followers of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood career were given a bit of a treat this week when the 2013 remastering of The Terminator Blu-ray was released, a product that I recently opined most Arnie fans will find to their liking. Schwarzenegger’s starring turn as the emotionless cyborg assassin is widely agreed

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